Here are the 10 best features coming to iOS 11


iOS11, which is due to launch next month, will feature some fantastic new features. We try to pick out just 10 of the best ones.

1. Maps

A handy new feature that is coming to Maps is speed limit guidance. There will also be detailed floor plans of some airports and shopping malls. It is thought that the feature may also use augment reality so that real maps can be superimposed.

2. Peer-to-Peer Apple Pay

Apple users will be able to pay each other via iMessage. The payments will be secured using either Apple’s Touch ID or the new facial recognition feature that is tipped to be introduced with the iPhone 8 and which has been dubbed Face ID. The is great news and has long been anticipated.

3. Do not disturb whilst driving

We are all getting more conscious about the dangers of driving whilst using our mobile phones. This neat new feature turns the drivers screen black and sends an automated message to those trying to contact them “Do Not Disturb While Driving”.

4. Redesigned Messenger

Basically, in the new improved version of iMessage, if you delete a message on one device it will automatically be deleted across all devices. A new toolbar filled with emojis will also be available. Apple Pay will also be available through iMessage.

5. Smarter Siri

The updated and smarter Siri is being improved to sound more natural and also will be able to translate speech including English, Chinese, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Amongst other new features with Siri, it will now be able to get a greater understanding of how we use our devices and can then make suggestions about articles to read and so on.

6. Updates for iPad

iPad users will benefit from the inspiration the company has taken from macOS and iOS11. It will now have drag and drop which will be capable of bringing files from services such as Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive and storing them in one place making organisation and file management easier.

7. Apple Music

Apple Music now seems to resemble Spotify and users can see recommendations of what friends are listening to and creates profiles everyone can follow. Shazam is also now supported.

8. Improve Camera and Photo Facilities

The camera and photo features will certainly get a boost at the next update. There will be improved video and picture editing including ‘Loop’ and ‘Bounce’ effects.

9. App Store

The App Store will get a new look for the first time in nine years. The refresh brings with it sections for featured apps and games, with articles and videos exploring more detail of their development, story and design.

10. Augmented Reality Support

Augmented Reality (AR) products will soon be available to Apple users after the new update allows developers to create new products. Users will be able to use the camera to see virtual content built on top of real-world settings for that can help bring gaming to life and bring a whole new experience to shopping and creative design.


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