10 must have apps for your new Android device


If you’ve just become the owner of a new Android device, congratulations!

Once you have the device fully charged and raring to go, you’ll no doubt want to load it with some great apps.

If you’re a long term Android user you’ll probably already have a pretty good idea of which apps will be making it onto your new smartphone or tablet.

But if you’re new to the world of Android or smartphones generally you might not have any idea where to start with regards to downloading apps.

The good news is that we’ve picked out a selection of great apps which will be a welcome addition to any Android device, new or old.

Best of all, the apps featured in our list are all free to download, although some do offer in app purchases.

Android Device Manager

Android Device Manager should be one of the very first apps you download to your new Android device. Developed and maintained by Google, this app is designed to help you in the event of your device becoming lost or stolen. Once installed onto your phone or tablet, Android Manager reveals the location of your device and you can also call, lock or erase all your device’s data from your desktop. Download Android Device Manager here.


I recently rated Airdroid as one of the most useful Android apps there is and no Android device should be without it. It’s great as you can easily managed your Android device from any desktop PC or Mac. Receive calls, notifications, easily transfer files, free up storage space and more – wirelessly, for free! Download Airdroid here.

AVG AntiVirus Security

Make sure your device is protected from viruses, phishing and malware by downloading an antivirus app onto your smartphone or tablet. I’ve picked out AVG AntiVirus Security this time round, although there are a host of excellent anti-virus apps for Android, all of which do a pretty good job. AVG is free to download, but there is also a more advanced premium version, which you have to pay for. This app has been downloaded over 100 million times from the Google Play store, which tells you something of its popularity.

Download AVG for mobile here 

Download AVG for tablet here 

Google Drive

Create, edit and share your work online via Google’s cloud storage service. Manage your documents, spreadsheets and presentations from anywhere. Store and back up photos and other important documents online in the free 15GB of storage space.

Download Google Drive here.


By no means a new app, Pocket is still one of the most useful and bloody brilliant apps out there. There is no better way to save articles and videos you see online to view later. A great way of keeping a bookmark of the things that interest you the most, save items you see throughout the day to catch up with them at home in the evening. And because Pocket downloads the things you save direct to your Android smartphone or tablet, you can read articles offline, which is of course useful when you’ve not got access to Wi-Fi or 3G.

Download Pocket here.


Organise your email, reach inbox zero and reclaim your life with Mailbox, the fast, fun and very effective way of dealing with emails. Owned by Dropbox, Mailbox will revolutionise the way you handle emails. Not only that you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. I think Mailbox is the bees knees, find out why here.

Download Mailbox here.


Evernote seems to be getting better and better. If you’re looking for any effective and functional place to keep your notes, you won’t find better than Evernote. Jam packed with features that can be synced across multiple platforms including Mac, iOS, PC and Linux. Evernote is a must have for any smartphone or tablet.

Download Evernote here.


Once you’ve downloaded the essentials to your new Android device, it’s time to add your own personal style to your smartphone or tablet. Zedge is a hugely popular wallpaper and ringtone app. Use Zedge to download all kinds of ringtones and alert notification sounds, as well as more live and regular wallpapers than you could ever possibly need. A great addition to any Android device.

Download Zedge here.

Two Dots

Two dots was one of the most downloaded games in 2014 and if you’re not familiar with it, be warned, it’s very addictive. So addictive in fact that it could well replace Candy Crush Saga as your wife or girlfriend’s game of choice – you heard it here first.

Download Two Dots here.

Bonus: Thaivisa forum app

*Shameless plug alert*

No smartphone or tablet in Thailand is complete without the Thaivisa forum app. Get the latest news, visa info, job postings and much, much more from the largest and most visited English language website about Thailand in the world. The number one resource for expats and visitors to Thailand.

Download the Thaivisa app here.

Let me know in the comments section below if you think there are any apps which should be included in the list.





  1. Richard Mcallister on

    One app that’s a must after you download ..20, 30 or in my case 46 apps is Everything Me ..seriously tidies up your apps into categories and will occasionally suggest other apps within a category ..just got Note 4 over the weekend ..One word – awesome

  2. Richard Mcallister on

    Browser improvement suggestion ..UB Browser ..super fast and friendly. .

  3. Mail has possibilities but for those of us that have non-Gmail or iCloud accounts, it isn’t there yet. Definitely worth watching though.

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  6. What about a great free password app? That should have been in your top 10 or 11.