10 top tips that will change how you use your iPhone


The world’s most popular smartphone is approaching its 10th anniversary.

The iPhone have a range of fantastic features but most people aren’t fully aware of what the iPhone is capable of so here a few things that you might be missing out on:

1. Use the volume button to take a photo

An absolute pro tip – instead of awkwardly trying to hold your phone when taking a selfie, simply press either of the volume buttons to shoot your photo.

2. Track where you have been

Sometimes it is handy to know exactly where we have been. Your iPhone can do this. Simply go: Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services > Frequent Locations

3. Save battery

Changing your device to “Grayscale” will immediately stop your battery draining as fast and save that all important juice.

You can also charge your phone twice as fast if it is set to “Airplane Mode”.

4. Find which apps are draining your battery

Simply go to: Settings > Battery and this will tell you which apps are using most battery.

5. Search for anything in the Settings menu

Use the search bar at the top of the menu to find any given setting, this will save time rooting through the settings menu.

6. Access emergency medical information from the lock screen

Set up a Medical ID in the Health app and you can access important medical information at the touch of your fingertips – you don’t even have to unlock your phone.

With your device locked, just tap on ’emergency’ and you’ll see the Medical ID button.

7. Use Siri to find photos

If you have iOS 9 or above, you can ask Siri to find images by date and/or location such as “show me photos from Chiang Mai in 2014.”

8. Have fun with Siri

Here are two pointless things you can ask Siri:

The first is to ask “What planes are above me?” and your iPhone will give you a list of planes flying nearby.

The other is to ask “What does the fox say?” Give it a try.

9. Use Siri to keep on top of messages

We all find it difficult to reply to messages or emails immediately but sometimes we can forget.

All you have to do is tell Siri to “remind you to read this text later”.

10. Get Siri to read ‘anything’

Siri can read books text and articles plus a whole lot more! Again, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Speech and turn on speak screen and speak selection to get Siri to read to you.


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