10 year old kid hacks Instagram


A 10 year old boy from Finland has just been given $10,000 for hacking into the Facebook owned photo sharing social network Instagram.

Jani who hails from Helsinki found a way to hack into the Instagram servers and by simply altering the code he was able to delete any written content. Jani said that he “could delete anyone, even Justin Beiber”, he told the Iltalehti newspaper in Finland.

Luckily for Instagram, Jani posted about his discovery on Facebook and supported his claim by deleting a comment the company posted on a test account – much to their relief that the bug had been spotted by someone so honest.

Jani received his $10,000 in March after the bug was fixed in February and like all 10 year old boys he plans on spending his windfall on a new bike, football equipment and of course new computers.

Jani’s proud father said that he and his twin brother have found security flaws on websites before although this is the first time that he has actually received any reward.

Jani made the most of the Facebook Bug Bounty Programme that offers a reward to people who find and report bugs that pose a “legitimate security threat”.

The scheme has reportedly paid out $4.3 million to over 800 researches of which not surprisingly Jani is the youngest. The largest payout currently stands at $20,000.

Earlier this month, Orange Tsai, an ethical hacker who carrying out what is known as penetration testing, discovered a bug which enabled him to gain access to Facebook’s internal network and obtain staff passwords and login details.

Tsai informed Facebook of his discovery and after an investigation into his claims was awarded $10,000 for discovering the hack.



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