132 apps in the Google Play Store infected with malware


Security experts have discovered 132 apps in the Google Play Store that were infected with malware.

The apps were found to be from seven different developers all of which are based in Indonesia and contained carefully concealed code which connected the app and therefore the infected device with a number of malicious websites.

The malware was then able to load interstitial ads onto the infected phone.

The apps which contained the malicious code were found to be about things like interior design, gardening and knitting, and one of them had been downloaded more than 10,000 times.

Security firm Palo Alto who discovered the infected apps said that it didn’t believe the developers were responsible for creating the malware and probably used the infected code without knowing it was malicious.

Image: Palo Alto

Image: Palo Alto

In a blog post, Palo Alto also asserted that rather than being the attackers, the app developers were actually victims of the attack, adding that a virus could have infected the server the developers were working on, resulting in their own apps being infected without their knowledge.

“If a developer was infected with one of these viruses, their app’s HTML files could be infected. However, given that the developers may all be Indonesia, it’s also possible they may have downloaded an infected IDE from the same hosting website or they used the same infected online app generation platform,” the company said in a blog post.

Regardless of the reason how and why the apps came to be infected with malware, Google has confirmed the apps have now been removed from the Play Store.

Via: 9to5 Google


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