15 essential Microsoft Edge keyboard shortcuts


It seems that most platforms, operating systems, programs and even websites have shortcut options these days.

The aim of this is to make the whole process for the user more efficient and reduces the number of clicks required to get to their desired destination.

These Microsoft Edge keyboard shortcuts will help users to browse the web when using Microsoft’s latest operating system

1. Ctrl + D – This adds the site that you are browsing at the time to your favourites list

2. Ctrl + H – Opens your history in a pane

3. Ctrl + I – Opens your favourites list in a pane

4. Ctrl + K – Opens a duplicate tab

5. Ctrl + N – Opens new window

6. Ctrl + P – Print current page

7. Ctrl + Shift +P – Private browsing

8. Ctrl + Shift + R – Enter reading view

9. Ctrl + [Plus] + – Zoom in

10. Ctrl + [Minus] – – Zoom Out

11. Ctrl + click – open link in a new tab

12. Alt + Shift + Click – opens link in a new window

13. Ctrl + Shift + Click – opens link in a new tab and opens that tab

14. Ctrl + Tab – Opens next tab

15. Ctrl + Shift + Tab – Opens previous tab

Of course keyboard short cuts aren’t for everyone and all of these actions can be carried using the trackpad, mouse or touchscreen but some users prefer to use the keyboard.

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