15 Firefox keyboard shortcuts you really should be using


Following on from our article on Google Chrome keyboard shortcuts, here are 15 shortcuts that may help all Firefox users.

These Firefox keyboard shortcuts can be applied to both Windows and Mac but for Mac you will need to substitute the Ctrl key for the Command key.

1. Bring back closed tabs (Ctrl T)

Firefox is capable of remembering the last 10 tabs that you closed and this shortcut can also open a new tab.

2. Minimise tabs (Ctrl M)

This minimises your current Window, Alt spacebar N minimises Firefox or any other active window.

3. Private browsing (Ctrl, Shift P)

This allows you to browse with privacy.

4. Clear history (Ctrl, Shift, Delete)

Quickly clear your history by using this command. You can choose the time span such as last week, today or everything amongst others.

5. Stop a page loading (Escape)

If a page is taking too long to load simply press the Escape key. To reload press Ctrl R

6. Zoom in (Ctrl, Shift, [equals sign])

Some webpages have some very small print and this shortcut can assist you. You can return to the normal screen size by just pressing Ctrl, Shift, 0 (Zero)

7. Jump to next tab (Ctrl [right arrow key])

Simply jump to the next tab using this feature. If you press the left arrow instead it has the reverse effect.

8. Jump to a specific tab (Ctrl, (1-9)

Use this feature to jump between tabs. Ctrl 1 is the left tab and Ctrl 9 is the one farthest to the right.

9. Page forward and back (Shift Delete or Delete)

Shift delete moves your page forward, delete moves you back a page.

10. Go to the search bar (Ctrl K)

This takes you search box to the right of the URL bar.

11. Go to the URL bar (Ctrl L)

This takes you to the URL bar, alternatively you could press F6.

12. Find (Ctrl F)

A fairly universal shortcut but allows you to find text on a page

13. Mute (Click on speaker icon)

This mutes any sites from playing unwanted background music.

14. Select a search engine (Ctrl [Arrow up])

This allows you to cycle through the search engines and pick one as your default. Ctrl [Arrow down]) works in the opposite direction.

15. See all downloads (Ctrl J)

Use this option to view the files that you have downloaded in Firefox.


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