Here is what to do when the inevitable happens to your Apple AirPods


Arguably the biggest news to come out of Apple’s big iPhone 7 announcement last week was the launch of its new wireless headphones, the AirPods.

As wireless headphones go, the AirPods look stunning. They’re futuristic, beautifully designed and very much optimise what Apple does best.

However, some of the first questions to appear on social media about the AirPods have not been how much they cost, the release date or if they will work on other devices but what happens if they got lost or stolen?

You’d imagine an AirPod would be pretty easy to misplace or what if someone just steals them from you?

Does Apple have some kind of way of preventing them from being used on an iPhone other than your own?

Is there a way to disable them should you report them as stolen.

Well, in a word…

Last week, Apple kindly confirmed that if either one or both of your AirPods are lost or stolen, you will simply have to buy a replacement just as you would with any other Apple product.

Apple has also said that it will be selling individual AirPods, should you lose only one. However, the Cupertino firm is yet to say how much a single AirPod will cost.

Apple has now confirmed the AirPods will be on sale in Thailand in October for 6,900 Baht, so be careful when you get yours – they aren’t cheap and some of you may need to buy a couple of pairs before the year is out.


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