2018 MacBook Pro will include an absolute game changer of a keyboard


According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple’s 2018 flagship MacBook Pro will feature the brand new dynamic e-ink keyboard.

The report suggests that the tech giant is teaming up with Australian start-up Sonder who are launching an e-ink keyboard of their own later this year.

The keyboard can display various variations of language layouts, alphabets along with context sensitive buttons for apps such as Photoshop.

Those traditionalists need not fear as the standard QWERTY keyboard will also be available.













News of the new keyboard was originally posted on Reddit although the post has now been deleted, which claimed to show a prototypes of the e-ink keyboard using Sonder’s technology. In the clip the keyboard uses a small backlit e-ink display under each key.

The Reddit commenter posted: “It’s really a solid indication of the future of input technology.

“Apple has a reputation of making big leaps which are seen to be unpopular but then become the new standard.

“Dynamic keyboards are the standard for phones, they will be for laptops and desktops too.”

It is too early to expect the latest technology to be available in Apple stores anytime soon although Apple have sent out exclusive media invites for an event to be held on October 27.

At the event Apple are expected to unveil a new refreshed MacBook as well as new iPad models.

Apple refreshed its iPhone and Apple Watch models last month, meanwhile, the MacBook Pro has not been given a major overhaul since 2012.


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