Ahead of its launch in Thailand, Facebook Messenger to start showing Spotify recommendations


In less than one week Spotify will officially launch in Thailand and now a new feature has been added to Facebok Messenger that will help you discover music on the popular streaming platform.

Facebook has revealed that Messenger will start to display recommendations for songs on Spotify whenever music is mentioned in a conversation.

The recommendations are made possible through Facebook’s digital assistant, known as ‘M’.

Type a phrase like “find music” or “play some music” in a conversation and M will offer you up a suggestion.

Tap on the suggestion and you will be able to listen to music or share music you have recently played with your friends. You’ll also be able to create a group playlist together with your friends on Facebook.

The feature is the latest that aims to bring Facebook and Spotify closer together.

In 2016, Facebook added the option for users to easily share Spotify playlists with their friends through Messenger. In April, a Spotify Messenger bot was also added.

The news comes as Spotify has revealed it will hold an event in Bangkok on August 22 where it is expected to announce the official launch of its music streaming service in Thailand.

Up until now Spotify hasn’t been officially available in Thailand, with those wanting to access the service being forced to use a VPN to circumvent geo-restrictions.

Via: The Verge


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