Use Kodi? This will make your day: Popular add-on now free for all users


Kodi users can now download one of the platform’s most popular add-ons free of charge.

Previously you had to be a subscriber to download the Plex add-on but that requirement has now been removed, making the add-on now free anyone using Kodi.

The Plex add-on lets you easily organise and watch media content on your device and with its slick interface is arguably one of the most user friendly add-ons there is.

“With the Plex for Kodi add-on, you get the Kodi experience for your big screen, powered by Plex Media Server, and enabling you to organise and access your beautiful media on any device, anywhere, anytime,” Plex said in a statement.


Plex interface

There is still the option to subscribe to the premium Plex Pass service, which brings with it a number of features such as parental controls and support for multiple user accounts.

The announcement from Plex is arguably the first bit of good news Kodi users have had in a long while.

In the wake of a global crackdown on online piracy, a number of other Kodi add-ons have been forced to close.

However, the difference between Plex and other add-ons is that rather than allowing users to solely access pirated content, it instead enables users to manage their media library more easily.

You can download the Plex add-on here.

Source: Windows Central


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