Sick and tired of hearing about the new iPhone? This iPhone X parody video is for you


Is the iPhone X really nothing more than a $1,000 emoji machine?

If you’re already bored reading about Apple’s new $1,000 iPhone, then this YouTube video gives and alternative take on the iPhone X.

The iPhone X has only just been released but it hasn’t taken one YouTuber, Jack Douglass, to start picking faults and poking fun at Apple’s flagship device.

Our YouTuber took to highlighting all the cringeworthy moments from the launch, with particular attention being drawn towards, the Animoji.

“This is what Steve Jobs would’ve wanted… probably,” the video says.

It didn’t just stop at the Animoji, the Face ID, a facial recognition feature that allows users to open their device by just looking at it. “When you look into your phone. It will shoot thousands of lasers. Then it sucks out your soul…much like a dementor.” How fun! 

The video is mainly critical of “The $1000 Emoji Machine” but the iPhone 7S doesn’t come away unscathed as it will now be known as the iPhone 8.

As some of you already be bored with hearing about Apple’s latest devices it is nice to get the opportunity to poke fun at features that no one asked for or wanted – even if we may end up owning one of them.


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