Windows 10 is faster, more reliable and offers better battery life than ever before, says Microsoft


The Fall Creators Update is almost upon us and Microsoft are certainly building up the next version of Windows 10.

Speaking specifically about April’s Windows 10 Creators Update, they said: “the most performant and reliable version of Windows 10 ever!”

Every time a new version of Windows has been released there has been problems, admittedly some more than others.

However, Windows 10 is thought to be the last version to be launched, it will just receive regular updates going forward.

John Cable, the Director of Program Management, Windows Servicing and Delivery at Microsoft, the Windows 10 Creators Update is a quality product. And this is thanks to Microsoft’s “dedicated focus on customer obsession – listening and responding to user and partner feedback”.

Commenting on Windows 10 in a blog post, Cable said: “The top areas we consistently hear about through our feedback channels are around power, performance, and reliability. These fundamentals are key elements that users look for in a device and value because they impact their everyday use, like longer battery life, faster web browsing, streaming videos longer and device stability.”

The claims regarding battery life will no doubt be welcomed with both Microsoft Edge and the Mail app using less power than previously.

Microsoft are quick to praise the system’s reliability too, saying that users who upgrade to the Creators Update cane stability issues to be reduced by 18 percent.

Microsoft also said there has been a “39% total reduction in operating system and driver stability issues between the Anniversary Update and Creators Update.”

It is a little surprising that Microsoft have chosen to issue the press release now. It can only be seen as an attempt to get users to believe that Windows 10 is getting even better.


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