Been having problems with iOS11? Apple rolls out new update to fix bugs and battery drain


It was only released a week ago but Apple has already been forced to roll out an update to iOS 11.

iOS 11.0.1 is now available to download to iPhone and iPad users and comes amid scores of complaints about apps crashing, poor battery life and random shutdowns since installing iOS 11.

Apple hasn’t specifically said which issues iOS 11.0.1 addresses other than to say the update brings “bug fixes and improvements.”

iOS 11.0.1

The biggest issue users have reported since installing iOS 11 is battery drain.

Some users have claimed that the new update sapped battery performance on their iPhone by as much as 50 percent, with iPhone 7 users seemingly worst affected.

A report from mobile security firm Wandera also seemed to back user complaints.

The report, which analysed data from 50,000 iPhones and iPads found that iOS 11 drained the batteries twice as fast as on devices running iOS 10.

But battery drain hasn’t been the only issue.

Lots of other users have reported problems with apps becoming unresponsive and Apple’s mobile operating system being generally very glitchy.

Users who had downloaded iOS 11 also complained that their iPhone would randomly turn itself off.

How to download iOS 11.0.1

If you have been experiencing any of the problems mentioned above then you will want to install the new update to iOS 11 right away.

To do this , go to Settings > General > Software Update


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