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THAI members of the so-called Generation Y spend an average of 7.12 hours on the Internet every day, a survey has found.

The poll, conducted by the Electronic Transactions Development Agency (ETDA), found that people in the Generation X grouping put in 5.48 hours a day and Gen Z were online for 5.48 hours a day.

Baby boomers trailed with 4.54 hours. Surangkana Waupard, executive director of the ETDA, said that the agency collected responses from 25,101 Internet users in June and July.

On days off, members of Gen Y spend 7.36 hours a day hours in front of screens, with Gen Z users online for 7.12 hours.

Gen X users put in 5.18 hours and baby boomers 4.13 hours. The top five locations for accessing the Internet are the home, at 85.6 per cent, followed by the office at 52.4 per cent, travelling at 24 per cent and education, 17.5 per cent.

The top five most popular categories for Internet use are social media at 86.9 per cent, information searches at 86.5 per cent, email at 70.5 per cent, entertainment at 60.7 per cent and online shopping at 50.8 per cent. The most popular social media platforms are YouTube at 97.1 per cent, Facebook 96.6 per cent, Line 95.8 per cent, Instagram 56 per cent and the Pantip website 54.7 per cent.

For online shopping the most popular categories are clothes and accessories, beauty products, IT items, household appliances and food delivery, Surangkana said. Purchases for online shoppers average less than Bt1,000.

However, in financial services and investment, transactions of more than Bt10,000 are common. For online transactions, the most common payment methods are credit card at 35.1 per cent, bank mobile applications at Bt31.9, ATMs at 27.1 per cent and transfers via e-banking websites 22.6 per cent.

“The survey also picked up on the growing digital lifestyle trend among Thais. Thais have been increasingly turning away from offline channels to online platforms for their lifestyle activities such as ticket reservations and purchase, hotel bookings and the like,” Surangkana said.

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