Smartphone addict goes BLIND after paying Honour of Kings game for 24hrs straight


A 21 year old woman has lost her sight in one after spending an entire 24 hours playing games on her smartphone.

The woman, named as Wu Xiaojing, was reportedly playing the game Honour of Kings when she suddenly lost the sight in her right eye.

She was taken to a local hospital in her native China where she was diagnosed with Retinal Artery Occlusion (RAO).

Doctors treating the woman said the condition is typically affects older people but in this case was caused eye strain from looking at the smartphone screen for long period of time without any breaks.

The woman reportedly told local press that she had become addicted to the game after spending hours playing it in the evenings when she had finished work and at the weekends.

Speaking to the South China Morning Post, she said:

“On days when I have no work, I usually get up at 6am, eat breakfast and play until 4pm.

“Then I’ll eat something, have a nap and play until 1am,” she said.

“Sometimes I would be so absorbed in the game that I would forget to eat, and not listen to my parents when they told me it’s time for dinner.”

Wu said she would typically play the game for eight hours straight.

Reports in China said she was still in hospital receiving treatment on her eye.

Honour of Kings is a multiplayer online battle game which attracts around 55 million players every day in China.

Such is its popularity that the authorities have forced the game’s makers Tencent to limit the amount of time young people can play on the game, claiming that it is so addictive it is “harmful to the psychology of minors”.

The bans restrict players under 12 to one hour of game play a day and limits users under 18 years to two hours.

In July, Tencent announced plans to launch the game in the United States and Europe.

As well China, Honour of Kingss is also available in Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Turkey.


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