New study from UK claims your Kodi box could kill you


A new report in the UK has sensationally cautioned that using a so called Kodi box could be fatal.

A safety assessment on a sample of Kodi boxes found that a number of the streaming devices suffer from technical and safety flaws which could endanger lives.

The study, commissioned by the Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT), warned that people who use the boxes are at risk from death by electrocution and risk the devices catching fire.

Researchers from Electrical Safety First test nine Kodi boxes which seized during raids in the UK.

None of the devices complied with UK safety standards for electrical equipment.

Steve Curtler Product Safety Manager at Electrical Safety First said:

“This year consumers thinking about buying an illegal streaming device for Christmas need to know that by plugging them into their TV they could be potentially be putting themselves, their home and their family at risk.

“We urge anyone with one of these devices to unplug it and stop using it immediately.

“Not only are these devices breaking the law, but they could be putting your loved ones at risk.”

The Kodi boxes tested had faulty power supply units which meant users were at risk from touching live components.

Director General of FACT, Kieron Sharp said:

“The fact that so many illegal streaming devices have all failed to meet UK safety standards is shocking.

“Alongside the risks of exposing your home network to damaging malware and your children to inappropriate content, it should now be clear that the dangers these illegal devices pose far outweigh any benefit of buying them”.

However, as Torrent Freak points out, users may not want to unplug their streaming device just yet.

The report only tested nine devices, out of the reproted millions of Android streaming devices used in the UK.

And those nine devices were supplied to the the ESF by FACT – not a neutral source.

Torrent Freak also reports that electrical testing wasn’t carried out on the streaming boxes themselves but on the their power supplies.

Source: Which


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