Google’s new Android app is going to help save you money


Google has unveiled a new app designed to help users cut back on mobile data usage.

The app, called Datally works on all smartphones running Android 5.0 Lollipop and above and can be downloaded now from the Google Play Store.

Google said it developed the app to help solve one of the biggest concerns for smartphone users around the world – mobile data usage.

“During extensive user research around the world, we found that many smartphone users worry about running out of data, especially the new generation of internet users known as the ‘Next Billion Users’, Google said.

“Not only are they constantly thinking about data balances, but they do not understand where their data is going, nor do they feel like they can control allocating data to the apps they really care about.”

The app helps users manage mobile data usage on their smartphone more effectively and gives users daily, weekly and monthly user reports on data usage to help them understand data consumption.

Datally consists of four main features:

Data Saver lets users control which apps use data in the background and lets users select which apps they want to use mobile data.

The Data Saver Bubbl lets shows the current rate of data usage when using a particular app and is like a speedometer for mobile data. It has an option that lets users easily block an app if it is consuming too much mobile data.

Users can also use the personalised alerts feature to be alerted when an app is consuming a lot of data.

Finally, the handy Wi-Fi Finder feature helps users locate a nearby Wi-Fi network for those times when they need to use more data than they have on their mobile phones, such as when watching HD video.

“Google tested Datally in the Philippines for most of 2017, and the insights from the product test there shaped the final app. The user research showed that people testing the app saved up to 30% of their mobile data, depending on the way they used Datally,” Google said.


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