New version of Twitter launched in Thailand


A new version of Twitter, which promises to slash data consumption by up to 50 percent, has been launched in Thailand and 23 other countries.

The new app, called Twitter Lite, only takes up 3MB of storage space and can even been used offline for times when a data connection may not be available.

The app also allows users to decide which tweets, videos or photos to download so that excess mobile data isn’t used downloading everything that is normally featured on the site.

The app has been released following a trial period in the Philippines and it is believed that the new stripped down version of the app could seriously boost Twitter’s popularity in emerging markets.

The app, which boasts a minimalist design compared to the full version, resulted in a 50 percent increase in the number of tweets sent during trials in the Philippines and has been specifically designed to load quickly on 2G and 3G networks.

Twiiter Lite

“Whether you’re using Twitter Lite on the mobile web or through the Google Play Store, it’s fast, takes up less space, and is data-friendly,” Jesar Shah, product manager at Twitter said in a blog post.

The launch follows similar apps that have been released by rival social networks.

In 2015, Facebook launched Facebook Lite, while Facebook Messenger Lite was launched in Thailand earlier this year.

In April, YouTube also launched YouTube Lite in India.

Twitter has lagged behind in terms of user growth compared to rivals such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

The reason for this, according to Twitter, is the vast amount of data the Twitter app consumes, which has prevented it becoming popular in emerging markets, where internet connections are as strong elsewhere.

“’We didn’t feel like we were reaching these other countries well enough”, said Twitter’s vice president of product, Keith Coleman.

“This will allow us to do it faster, cheaper and with a better experience than we’ve had before.”

Twitter Lite is available to download now from the Google Play Store and can also be accessed from a web browser.


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