Apple to release ‘most powerful Mac ever made’ – but you’ll need deep pockets to buy one


Apple is about to release the iMac Pro, its most powerful Mac ever made, the company has confirmed.

First unveiled in June, the iMac Pro will be available in the United States from Dec 14, according to Apple’s website.

While Apple hasn’t doesn’t list the price on the new iMac Pro on its website, the company said in June it would start at $4,999.

The new iMac, which is designed for Pro users such as video editors or architects and designers running CAD software or similar, includes a range of premium technology and top of the range specs, such as an 18 core processor, 5K retina display, Vega GPU and up to 4TB of storage.

This latest version is the first time the iMac Pro has been updated since it was released in 2013.

Early reviews of the iMac Pro have been positive, such as this one from everyone’s favourite tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee:

As yet Apple has given any information on availability, release date or pricing in Thailand.

Watch this space (and get saving).


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