Nokia brings back another classic mobile phone


After the recent unprecedented success of their last reboot, the Nokia 3310 the company are back with a new reincarnation of another classic, the legendary Nokia 8110.

The new Nokia 8810 was revealed at the recent Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The phone features the return of the slider design which was prevalent in the 90s. The slider feature allowed users to answer and end a call with a simple flick and protected the keypad when the phone was in your pockets.

Due to the curved shape of the 8110 is what given the nickname the “Banana Phone” and achieved cult status when the phone was featured in the Matrix series of movies helping the device to become a massive hit throughout the world.

The new phone is by no means a retro phone as it comes with access to Facebook and 4G connectivity and plenty more modern features. The battery life is, of course, classic Nokia, so one charge could last nearly a full month! And it wouldn’t be a Nokia without the classic snake game included!

The phone is replete with a 2.4-inch curved screen, 2MP rear camera and also has the ability to be used as a WiFi hotspot.

The company behind the reboot generation of Nokia phones, HMD Global, have confirmed the Nokia 8110 will have access to an app store that could possibly mean the phone will have Instagram and WhatsApp functionality, a first for budget devices of this type.

The phone comes in two colours a traditional black and a dazzling Banana yellow and is due to be released in May.

No info yet on if it will be released in Thailand or how much it will cost. On Sunday, Nokia said the new handset will retail in Europe for €79.


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