Here’s everything you need to remove from your Facebook profile IMMEDIATELY


If the recent data scandal involving Facebook has done anything, it has brought privacy to the forefront of user’s minds.

With over two billion users, Facebook knows a lot about, well, just about everyone.

However, there are ways to limit the amount of information the social network knows about you.

Rather than just sharing stuff needlessly, you should be aware of the data you are handing over both to Facebook and to people who may view your profile.

If you want to have more control over your profile and help protect your privacy, here are some things you might want to remove from your Facebook profile.

Phone number

Facebook recently admitted that a feature that allowed people to search for other users by their phone number or email address instead of their name was exploited so that contact details and other public profile data could be used by third parties. Facebook has since disabled the feature but even still, you probably shouldn’t list your phone number on your profile.


Along with your name and address, if your date of birth was to fall into the wrong hands, it could potentially be used by fraudsters to gain access to all manner of online accounts.

Relationship status

Relationship status is one of the key data sets used by Facebook to target advertising. You announce you’re in a relationship and before you know it you’re seeing ads for engagement rings and wedding dresses. Also, if the relationship fails, you don’t want the fact that your status has gone back to single to appear on all your friend’s news feeds.


Ok, so not all of your friends, but certainly ones you have never met in person. And never accept friend requests from people you don’t know, regardless of what their profile photo looks like or who they claim to be!

Credit card details

Surely this one goes without saying

Photos of your kids

So removing all photos of your kids from your Facebook profile may be going a bit too far but you should give careful consideration about who you want to have access to your photos before you share them on Facebook. Also consider what impact, if any, the photo may have on you child if it remains online for years to come.

Revealing your kid’s school

Again this is something that is best avoided. There is no real reason why you need to reveal the name and location of your kids school to all and sundry on Facebook.

Your location

Stopping checking in everywhere you go, most of your Facebook friends probably don’t care anyway! And consider switching off locations settings on your phone.

When you are away on holiday

Insurance companies in the US have warned that policyholders who have been burgled while on holiday risk having their claims rejected if they revealed they were away on social media, Thisismoney reported.


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