Microsoft starts rolling out next major Windows 10 update – here’s what’s new


Microsoft has begun rolling out its next major Windows 10 update.

The free upgrade has a whole host of new features and all the usual security patches and fixes for your PC, and now upgrading has now become easier than ever.

This new upgrade is part of Microsoft’s pledge to release two substantial updates each year.

Microsoft has listened to feedback from their customers and have drastically improved the length of time it takes to update.

The new April update should take no more than 30 minutes.

Below are some of the features you can expect when you hit the upgrade button


The new Timeline allows users to find the things they’ve been working on a lot easier, the feature works across all platforms PC, Laptop, Phone and Tablet, and users can go back in time up to 30 days to find their documents and other files.

EDGE improvements

The new updated EDGE browser adds a new audio icon to mute and unmute a tab that is playing sound. Online shopping becomes more efficient as your address, payment and other information can be saved securely with a new option to autofill web forms.

For a distraction-free reading experience of Books, PDFs and Reading View pages a user can now go full-screen.


This new feature in the upgrade will enable users to disable digital distractions such as email or social media notifications, the function can be fully configured to certain times of the day.

Talking to your PC

Microsoft has improved their dictation feature, users are now able to interact more accurately with their devices through speech. Pressing the win key + H while your cursor in any text field in Windows or an App and simply start talking.


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