Leaked images claim the iPhone SE 2 will look a lot like the iPhone X


Apple is widely tipped to be launching a new version of its budget iPhone, the iPhone SE later this year.

But now a new report and leaked image claims to give information on what the device will look like.

This week image leaked by an accessory maker reveal the iPhone SE 2 could look a lot like the iPhone X.

The images, shared with 9to5Mac, claim to be from ‘Chinese factory sources’ and that “the new iPhone SE will resemble an iPhone X with slim bezels and a notch cutout.”

Image: Olixar via 9to5Mac

The report is 9to5Mac didn’t take the leaked images particularly seriously, saying “We are definitely treating these specifications with a healthy of dose skepticism”.

“The notch cutout is particularly suspicious. The iPhone X uses a smooth, sweeping curve to distinguish the sensor housing from the bezel and screen.

“Contrast that to this leak: most of the SE 2’s notches are drawn as basic angular triangles, not in line with Apple’s attention to detail. This could just be an artifact of a low-quality rendering however”, the site added.

With that being said if Apple was to adopt the iPhone X design on the iPhone SE 2 it would allow the smaller handset to feature a bigger screen, which would make sense and would almost certainly make it more appealing to fans.

If the iPhone SE 2 does include an iPhone X notch that would also suggest that feature an improved front facing camera with Face ID offering biometric security.

Elsewhere, the iPhone SE 2 is expected to keep the headphone jack but include an upgraded A10 Fusion processor with 2GB RAM and 32 or 128GB storage options.

Typically Apple announces its new iPhones in September so expect plenty more rumours regarding the iPhone SE 2 until then.


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