Facebook users worldwide being asked to review privacy settings


Facebook is in the process of telling users to update their privacy settings and review what information they share on their profiles.

With online Privacy is such a hot topic right now the social media giant is notifying users regarding their privacy settings to coincide with the rollout of new data protection rules in Europe.

Users will begin to receive alerts this week, asking them to reassess their preferences for the types of personal data Facebook can use for ad targeting and if they will accept facial recognition.

All the information Facebook users including religious affiliations and relationship status can all be reviewed by the user. Facebook will display which features they currently have switched on, enabling them to opt out if they wish.

Facebook is still recovering from the Cambridge Analytica scandal in March, however, this week’s announcement is in response to the European General Data Protection Regulation.

Users in Europe have already seen and acted accordingly on the alerts, and now it is time for the rest of the world.

As of last Friday, 25 May 2018 GDPR become law, with the new regulation aiming to give consumers more control over their online data.

A data breach at a company must now be reported to the users affected within 72 hours of the incident and offer full transparency on what has been breached.

Website’s are now required to provide more explicit consent about how much personal information they have shared.

As data crosses international boundaries, most online companies are rolling out the privacy changes across their network as they say it is too expensive to maintain two sets of rules and any legal issues could become somewhat tricky to settle.

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