3 Easy Steps to Get Your Business Online for 2018 – Get Started Now


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It’s 2018. It’s a new year, and I’ll bet you’ve got new resolutions, and new plans to make it one of the best years ever.

Some people want to take their company to the next level, some want to become popular internet sensations, and others want to be online entrepreneurs.

But without a website and a strong online presence, actually achieving any of these goals is going to be virtually impossible.

Almost everything is done online now, and regardless of your business, career path, or online popularity goals, you will likely need a website to grow.

Bill Gates once said that if your business isn’t online yet, then you’ll soon be out of business, and that is getting truer everyday.

No need to panic though, because setting up a website has never been easier.

And with these 3 Tips To Setting Up Your Business Website in 2018, you will have everything you need to set up a beautiful and professional website completely from scratch.

We’ll cover the 3 most important MUST HAVES for your website and we’ll explain how you can set them up all by yourself, even if you’ve never had built a website before, or you have ZERO tech experience.

Like I said earlier, you really need just 3 things to set up your website.

  • A domain name
  • A nice design for your website
  • A hosting account

That’s all.

For a domain name, i.e. what people type when they want to find your website, just head over to a hosting company (as most offer domains) and search for a name you’d like e.g. www.yourdomainname.com and follow the simple process to register it.

When choosing a domain, make sure to choose one related to your business or industry; preferably something catchy, memorable and easily recognizable.

Next up is your website design. Gone are the days when you would need to hire an entire team and pay through your nose to get a solid website design.

Now, you can do everything by yourself from the comforts of your home, with powerful and popular website builders like WordPress.

Why WordPress? Because it is the easiest content manager and website builder for people with zero tech experience.

They have a wide selection of free and paid themes and plugins you can use. so that no matter what you want your site to do or look like, there will be a WordPress theme or plugin that can help you do it

A theme is basically a ready-made website design, that sometimes comes setup with ‘demo’ content. So, having hundreds of free designs to choose from is definitely a plus point! And the demo content means you simply replace their words and pictures with your own. For a little extra cash, you can even get themes customized for your own specific business niche.

Search online and you can find thousands of free guides, many as video guides, to show you step-by-step how to setup WordPress.

It might not be the best website in the world, or come with every single bell and whistle, but it can be beautiful, responsive, and professional. Most importantly, it will get you started with your online business dreams.

Last but not least is your webhosting account.

Website hosting is what makes your website visible and accessible online. It’s basically like renting a space online for your website to live.

When getting hosting, you’ll need a plan that can accommodate your site and allow it to load fast.

A slow site can drive away potential clients and customers, so a powerful, fast and easy to use hosting plan is necessary a good start. These days website hosting is relatively cheap and most hosting companies offer domain registration as well as website hosting to make things easier.

Now with everything we’ve discussed, you have no reason not to go out there and get started with your own website. Order your domain, order your hosting, and then install WordPress – or have someone setup the website for you … that’s it!

The year is just beginning and your business and financial goals can still be realized.

You just need to TAKE ACTION and get started right now.

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