3BB back to normal after major technical issues on Saturday


A technical issue with Thai internet provider 3BB meant that customers were unable to access Google services on Saturday 6 May.

The problem began on Saturday morning when customers throughout Thailand took to the Thaivisa forum to complain they were unable to access Google websites including YouTube, Gmail and Google News.

Even the 3BB website was offline, as for a time, was its 1530 call centre number.

As well as on Thaivisa, Thai forums such as Pantip.com were flooded with messages from customers experiencing problems with service.

Image: Thairath

Image: Thairath

Earlier in the day 3BB posted on Pantip to confirm there was an issue with accessing Google owned sites.

However, at around 11pm on Saturday evening, customers started to report that the issue appeared to be resolved and they could access YouTube, Gmail and other Google services once more.

It is unclear what caused the issue.

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Via: Thairath


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