425,000 iOS apps disappeared from the App Store in Thailand – and no one knows why


If you were unable to find some of your favourite apps in the App Store earlier this month, then this is probably the reason why.

425,000 mobile apps suddenly disappeared from the App Store in Thailand in June.

Mobile analytics experts Sensor Tower discovered that tens of thousands of apps had been removed Thailand’s Apple App Store.

During routine monitoring carried out on June 3rd, the company found that 19,000 iOS were missing the App Store.

However, following further investigations, the number of missing apps was actually discovered to be much greater – a whopping 425,290 in total.

According to tech site Quartz, Apple confirmed that an “unspecified number of apps” were removed from the app store when the company re-priced its apps to be listed in Thai Baht earlier this month.

Apple said the error was fixed within 48 hours, however, a representative for Sensor Tower claimed that the apps were unavailable for 6 days.

No further information was given as to what caused the 400,000+ apps to disappear from the App Store.


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