5 great smartphone email apps


Our smartphones are capable of doing so much these days and the number of the apps that are available is quite incredible, so how do you know which apps you should download and which should you steer well clear off?

Obviously we can’t tell you what to avoid as our lawyers would have kittens but here are 5 smartphone email apps that are a must if you are frequently checking your email.

1.Microsoft Outlook


OS: Android/iOS
Price: Free
Compatible: Exchange, Office 365, Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, iCloud

We put this first to shock you! How many of you really thought that Outlook was one of the best email apps? It has come on leaps and bounds over the last 12 months and is an excellent app for shorting out your important email from the ones that are less so.
You can swipe to delete or achieve messages easily and this also works extremely well with attachments from Word and Excel. The app is also available for the Apple smarthwatch so this is an added bonus!



OS: Android/iOS
Price: Free
Compatible: Gmail, IMAP and Pop

Yes, we’ve all heard of Gmail but there is a reason why it has more than a billion users.

Gmail is easy to use across multiple platforms and not only makes the tasking of composing, sending and receiving email easy, it also makes digging into your email archives as well as managing your emails straightforward.

It has system of tabs that are easy to follow such as primary, social, promotions and updates. The integration with other Google products such as Docs and Calendar is also an obvious benefit as are the thousands of Gmail extensions that add further functionality to your inbox.

3. Inbox by Gmail

OS: Android/iOS
Price: Free
Compatible: Gmail

The fact that Google has 2 separate email apps does raise a few eyebrows and people have wondered if they will merge. Inbox has been dubbed ‘the future of email’ and is designed to help you achieve that often elusive ‘zero inbox’.

Inbox offers a new take on manging email, letting you quickly pull up flight times as well at being excellent at giving reminders on tasks and snoozing less important emails over more pressing stuff.

It may take a while to get used to the new approach but once you do, you’ll never revert back to the old way of handling your email.

It also recently introduced a new quick response feature which is very useful indeed.

4. Spark

Price: Free
Compatible: Exchange, Gmail, Outlook, iCloud, Yahoo, IMAP

This is relatively new app that aims to clear your inbox ASAP. It is great at recognising what an email is such as a notification or something from a mailing list and tends to clump these together.

Its quick response option is also great when you need to ping a response back such as “thanks”.

5. Cloud Magic

OS: Android/iOS
Price: Free
Compatible: Gmail, Exchange, Outlook, Office 365, Yahoo, iCloud, IMAP

This is business focused app that works well with other productivity apps such as Wunderlist and Trello.

It handles attachments extremely well and is very practical for any businessmen or women who are constantly on the move.

It is also available to Android Wear and Apple Watch users.


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