5 secret iOS 11 features that you need to know about


The latest operating system, iOS 11 was launched by Apple this week and it does seem pretty impressive with several new features. Here are just 5 that you may not be aware of:

– One Handed Keyboard

There are plenty of times when it would be useful to have a keyboard that could be used with just one hand. Now Apple has come up with a solution, a keyboard that can be adjusted for size and position to suit the user. It can be accessed by going to the emoji option (or Globe) and from here 3 smaller keyboard icons will appear. Simply choose the best one for you.

– QR Scanner

QR scanners are pretty standard on our devices these days but until recently we have relied on poorly made third-party apps. The scanner is located in your devices camera and is turned on by default.

– Screen Recording

This is a step up from just simple screenshots that were a huge success since they were launched.

This feature allows users to demonstrate how do something which can be useful when explaining how to use the device in the first place!

To set up screen recording, go to Settings > Control Centre> Customise Controls, and then add “Screen Recording” to your “Include” list.

– Special Effects in Messaging

There are several new effects available for those who appreciate that sort of thing! Two of the of the effects are – “Echo”, which repeats your message in a flurry of text across the screen, and “Spotlight,” which shines a beam of light around your message.

– Emergency SOS Feature

This new feature is capable of locking your phone and getting a message to police if you find yourself in trouble.

You will still need to call them but it will only require a single swipe. If a user activates the Emergency SOS feature, a message will also be sent to their emergency contacts, with details of their current location, according to The Verge.


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