5G will come to Thailand in 2020, says broadcasting chief


The head of the broadcasting authority has expressed confidence that 5G technology will be in place in Thailand by 2020.

National Broadcasting and Telecommunications commissioner Prawit Leesathapornwongsa was speaking as Thailand hosted the ITU Telecom World 2016 event.

The new technology will result in a number of key improvements for consumers particularly in terms of better video viewing and streaming.

It will have knock on effects that will see better robotics and advancements in surgery done over distance, TNA reported.

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There will also be technological improvements that will lead to better battery capability for smartphones and mobile devices, Mr Pravit said.

No further details were provided regarding the rollout of 5G in Thailand.

When it does finally arrive, 5G will not only be much faster than 4G, it will be so fast and so robust that users should never experience fluctuations in speed or connectivity.

5G will completely revolutionize online business and services and will drive unprecedented economic growth, experts have claimed.

It also will offer users a completely seamless experience. Users will no longer have to wait for things to download, you will just click on a file and it will be there almost instantly.

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