6 Apps To Help You Learn Thai The Easy Way


If you are heading to the land of 1,000 smiles and are wanting to learn some basic Thai phrases to help you get by then do not panic. Here are 6 apps to help you learn Thai to lingo with the locals.

Learning a new language can, at times, be daunting and appalling. Yet, when learning a language that has not got a Germanic or Latin foundation, for instance Thai, can just be annoying and maddening.

This blog will provide you with 6 apps that are the best ways to help you learn Thai. This will also provide you with some useful tips to get you along the right path to speaking Thai, then before you know it, you’ll be speaking Thai fluently and happily!

1. Walen Thai

Walen Thai - Apps To Help You Learn Thai

Walen Thai has been developed to help you learn the essentials of the Thai language by helping you through the important process of learning the Thai alphabet and numerical system. This app allows you to learn and memorise the alphabet easily, by interaction with the characters and you can add exceptions to the characters you have already memorised. You will be able to make your own way through the visualisation recognition task and you can also master all the important audio recognition processes, as you can listen to real voice outputs.

Walen Thai allows you to learn every character of the Thai alphabet, including the tones, vowels and consonants, by using a very individual method of learning. In addition, you will also straightforwardly learn the numerical system and phrases. This app does not require an internet connection and will function perfectly without a connection.

This app is Free.

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2. Learn Thai 

Apps To Help You Learn Thai

Learn Thai is an easy to use app for expats and visitors to Thailand, who are interested in learning Thai which, can give them a good start in learning the language. Learn Thai has been developed by Thai people who have given their very best to be trustworthy in the pronunciation when translating the language, to make sure that it is easy to understand. They use native Thai speakers, who speak clearly and slowly, to help you follow these phrases they have provided with ease.

Learn Thai is there to provide you with 200+ common words that are used in everyday life, which the regular areas from greetings and numbers, to emergencies and eating out. Learn Thai have provided what most first-time visitors or people who live in Thailand would need. The app has audio recordings, provided by the native speakers. You can amend the audio speed, change to a male or female voice and can use the app without an internet connection. If you prefer to have more categories to learn from, then you will have to upload the full version which has 900+ more phrases.

This app is Free or £2.99/153.34 THB for full version.

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3. Learn Thai – Free WordPower

Free Wordpower - Apps To Help You Learn Thai


WordPower Learn Thai Vocabulary Free has been developed for the ultra-busy, 21st century lifestyle. With this app you will be able to learn Thai, that can fit around the many things that go in in your life: work, school, the kids, or someone special. With WordPower Learn Thai Vocabulary Free, you can start down the path to fluent Thai and collect the rewards that come along with it.

This app will help you develop your skills as you will ace the most regularly used words and phrases in the Thai language, which is right on your iOS device! The app can act as a mini travel guide that has practical Thai phrases and cultural insights. Audio recordings of a native Thai speaker and voice recorder is available, so that you can perfect your pronunciation anyway, anytime and anyday. With a list of the 100 most frequently used Thai words, it is perfect enough to fit into your schedule. You can study at your own convenience, at places and times that are most suitable for you! If this is not enough for you then you can upgrade to get instant access to 2000+ words.

This app is Free or £3.99/204.66 THB for the full version.

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4. Speak Thai by Tourism Authority of Thailand

Speak Thai - Apps To Help You Learn Thai

The Tourism Authority of Thailand now presents a new useful app that will help you visit Thailand stress-free, with the SpeakThai App, you have your own personal and portable translator that has over 2,500 words for your needs, and for you to learn in Thailand. You can communicate with Thai people with just a few touches of a button, and with them speaking back to you it can easily help you to master the pronunciation. They have themes such as hotels and eating out to shopping and emergencies. This app covers around every typical scenario a visitor might require or encounter. As there is a favourite category too, this means that you can quickly click on the phrases that you want in a matter of seconds.

SpeakThai does all the talking in Thai for you so all you have to do is sit back, listen and learn. You can enjoy an easy-to-use interface, as with just the touch of a button you can learn the correct phases with no hassle at all. There are practical categories to choose from, and a convenient search function that can help you say what you really need to say. In addition, this is a free version with updates that give you new words and phrases. There is also an app, the very same as this one, however you can choose from languages to learn from. Whether you are English, French or Japanese you can learn Thai all the same.

This app is Free.

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5. iSpeak Thai Lite – Full Version

iSpeak Thai - Apps To Help You Learn Thai


iSpeak Thai provides you with more than 1,500 useful Thai sentences to learn from. This app is useful for anybody who wants to get by in Thailand with the essential phrases that you can actually use in daily life. There are 5 chapters that cover greetings, introducing yourself, introducing each other, saying goodbye and thank you. It is easy for you to learn about Thai sentences in each chapter that you read, which will help you speak Thai confidently in a short period of time. The iSpeak Thai app fully covers pronunciations properly, as this is something that the phrase books lack in teaching you.

The Lite version of this app has only few categories, which are still useful to learn from and can still teach you many useful things. However, the full version of this app comes with 35 chapters for you to learn and over 1,500 sentences.

This app is Free or £2.99/153.34 THB for full version

Download the app on iOS

6. Nemo Thai – Free Language Learning

Nemo Thai - Apps To Help You Learn Thai

Nemo Thai gives you the most essential phrases and words in the Thai vocabulary, and each of them have a native speaker audio. With the Speech Studio, you can master your accent by recording your yourself by saying a phrase and then hear your voice compared to the teachers. All of the audio is downloaded into your device and it is even accessible in airplane mode and there is no expensive international roaming fees. As Nemo is not built around lessons, you can pick it up and put it down anytime of the day, whenever you have time to spare. This app builds up foundations of Thai which will then give you more confidence when speaking everyday conversations. Furthermore, there is no need to have prior knowledge of Thai to be able to learn this.

Nemo has been personalised for you as it tracks your progress through every single word and phrase you learn. You can practice Thai any way you want to fit the way you’ll use it as Nemo can be easily customised to meet your own needs and requirements. Nemo helps you get involved more in the sounds of Thai so that you will be able to speak naturally and at ease. You can control which words you want to focus on and skip any words that you don’t want to learn or you already know. Review mode allows you to recap what you practised earlier in the day which will boost your memory. Nemo will introduce you to words frequently to help you develop familiarity and review them and the correct time so that they will stay in your long term memory.

This app is Free.

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Tips For Tackling Thai

  1. Patience – Thai may seem complex, however it’s not. By going step by step and taking your time, you will soon be as fluent as the next Thai that comes along.
  2. Make a few friends – Nothing is more helpful and valuable than finding a few Thai friends to become friends with. The point here is that you’ll start speaking Thai to them right away. You’ll see that a few things will happen, such as you’ll make instant friends as Thai people love to see you making an effort. In addition, they will start to help you with your Thai, as once the friendship has been settled then they will be eager to help you.
  3. Speak, Read and Write – Learning to do all three at once would be a huge advantage. Childrens book are the best place to start your learning. However, do not abandon one for the other. Once you learn how to do all three, then this will get your far when speaking to others and going places.
  4. Listen! – By watching Thai programs, you will be able to absorb the pronunciation the same way a child learns. At least an hour of Thai TV a day will help and don’t worry about trying to figure out what they’re saying, all you need to do is listen.
  5. A, B, C – When learning a new language. the alphabet is the place to start learning. By learning the alphabet you will begin to understand how to spell and write the language which in turn will help you with your speaking.
  6. Finally, Good Luck!


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  2. You are missing one of the best apps out there – Talking Thai. A solid dictionary that provides a native Thai speaker for each word. The spoken word helps with the tones, which are one of the toughest things to learn.