7 of the best new features on Android Nougat


Google has started rolling out the the latest version of the Android mobile operating system.

Named Android Nougat, the new software is now available on Google’s Nexus range of smartphones and tablets, as well as its Pixel C tablets.

LG’s V20 smartphone will be the first non-Google smartphone to launch with Android Nougat, with other third party manufacturers such as Samsung and HTC free to start rolling the update out to customers.

However, don’t expect this to be anytime soon. Many manufacturers offer their own customised version of Android, which adds additional time before they can begin pushing out the update.

It typically takes Samsung around four months from the launch of a new version of Android before the Korean tech giant starts making the update available on its leading flagship devices.

However, regardless of when your Android device will receive Nougat, the new version is jam packed with new features and tweaks that will improve both usability and performance.

Here is a brief round up of the best new features on Android Nougat:

Battery battery life

Android N Doze

Google introduced its Doze feature in Android Marshmallow, which automatically powers down your phone whenever it is left stationary, helping to extend battery life by more than 30 percent.

In Android Nougat, Google goes a step further by adding a new low power usage mode which even kicks in when your phone is in your pocket or being moved around.

It also reduces the amount of power used by apps which are not running in the foreground by working out which apps need to receive updates and which don’t. Google says the new feature will add a further 15 percent of battery life on top of the savings already made by Doze.

Added security

Android logo with a lock

Google’s new Seamless Update feature means your device will be updated with the latest security patches and bug fixes automatically – without ever needing to interrupt you.

From now on, software updates are received in the background enabling you to continue using your phone without having to wait for the update to install.

Google says that Android Nougat will help to make your device more secure with its new Direct Boot feature that enables apps to run securely as soon as the phone is turned on, before you have even have chance to unlock your device.

Android Nougat also encrypts individual files meaning that your files are more secure, and reducing the risk of harmful files causing havoc on your handset.

Google also says that users will benefit from significantly faster download speeds when installing apps and software updates on Android Nougat.

Quick reply

A great new addition for Android users is the new Quick Reply feature that is available in Nougat.

This means that you don’t actually need to open an app to reply messages, as everything can be done through Android’s new notification panel.

You can reply to messages and see replies without ever having to leave the app you were already using – it’s very convenient.

Improved productivity and multitasking


Google has seriously boosted its productivity features, enabling Nougat users to easily juggle between multiple apps.

The new Quick Switch feature lets you flick between the last two recently opened apps.

The updated notification panel conveniently bundles notifications together meaning emails, messages and any alerts from other apps are stored in one place.

Finally, the new Multi Window feature, shown above, lets you run two apps on screen at the same time, so you could for example, watch YouTube will also replying to a message on Facebook. Both windows can also be easily resized to suit your preferences.

More emojis


If you can’t get enough of smiley faces and stickers, you’re in luck as Nougat now supports more than 1,500 emoji including 72 new ones.

For the first time you will also be able to modify certain aspects of an emjoi such as skin tone. You can do this by a long press on an emoji which will then present you with a number of different options.

Instant apps

Instant apps is another handy feature which lets users start using an app in the Google Play Store before they have bought or downloaded it.

By simply opening an app, users can try the app out before deciding on whether or not to download it.

Change DPI and font size

If you think everything on your screen is becoming and bit harder to read and text seems to be too small, Nougat lets you easily adjust how big everything is.

The new Display size settings let you easily magnify everything, while at the same time reformatting the screen so everything is in proportion.

The new font setting also lets you change the typeface of the fonts used in text.



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