Google adds 70 more third-party apps to Google Now


In January, Google announced support for 40 third party apps (such as Zillow, Wave and Runtastic) that could hook into Google Now. The participation then was limited to a few specially-chosen companies, but it was pretty exciting as it was the first steps to opening Google Now to user apps.

You may be wondering what Google Now is? If you have an Android phone, you’ll probably know that it’s basically Google’s “intelligent” virtual assistant, that you can use to find all sorts of relevant information, search by voice, as well as receiving helpful suggestions and reminders. It’s all intended to be a bit more proactive then most smartphone assistants, which simply respond to your commands and do little else. Here’s more information on Wikipedia.

70 new apps added to Google Now

For the moment, Google is keeping details about the developer participation in Google Now close, but as of today 70 new apps have been added to the Google Now list.

Google Now

Added to the list are apps like Circa News, Sleep as Android, Komoot, and Wunderlist.

From Google’s blog:

Here are a few other ways Now cards from your apps can help you out:

  • Get breaking news about the aftermath of the Nepal earthquake from ABC News, Circa, or feedly

  • Know when your pad thai is about to arrive with reminders from Eat24 that the food you ordered will soon be on your doorstep, or get inspired with the recipe of the day from Allrecipes

  • Keep your fitness goals front and center with gentle nudges from Runkeeper, Jawbone, or Adidas

  • And if you’re out to dinner, simply tap on a Now card to pay your bill with OpenTable

Google says the new integration and apps will roll out “over the next few weeks”.

Are you a Google Now user? Is it a helpful personal assistant, or is it something that you never use?


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