8 awesome Google Chrome tips all users need to know


Google Chrome is the most widely used browser across all devices in the world. Its functionality, simple customisation options and other features make it stand out from the rest.

Here are 8 tips to help you get the most out of Chrome:

1. Watch movies on your TV

Chrome is an excellent media player and very easy to use. Just drag your video to a new tab to start playback.

For those wishing to view the movies or YouTube videos from a smartphone onto a larger screen, simply tap on the ‘Cast’ icon and the your phone will be connected to your smart TV.

2. Recover tabs you accidentally closed

We have all done it in the past, closed a tab that we needed, well that is now not a problem as you can recover it selecting: File > Reopen Closed Tab to bring it right back.

3. Clear history

Have you been searching for something that you don’t want anyone else to know about, a surprise present for your girlfriend perhaps?!

In the address type: chrome://settings/clearBrowserData and press enter.

You can then easily select which data you want to remove

4. Go Incognito

Chrome incognito

To avoid the last problem, you could always ‘Go Incognito’ where Google doesn’t save your browsing history or form data.

To go Incognito select: File > New Incognito Window.

5. Find Android smartphones


Are you trying to locate your Android Smartphone? So long as you are logged into the same Google account on both devices you can locate it by typing ‘Find My Phone’ into the address bar.

6. Navigate between tabs without using your mouse

Prefer to just use your keyboard? Select the tab you require by pressing Ctrl and number 1-9. Tab 1 is the furthest to the left, tab 9 the furthest to the right.

7. Compose an email using your address bar

In the address bar type mailto: followed by the email address of the person you want to send and then hit enter to seriously speed up the whole process of sending email.

Chrome will launch your default mail client, with the recipient already filled-out.

8. Play games


Perhaps most importantly you can play hidden games in Chrome! For example, a hidden T-Rex game appears when you are “Unable to Connect To The Internet”.

Press spacebar to launch and again to make the dinosaur jump over obstacles and you could have hours of fun!


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