8 of the best alternatives to PayPal for sending money online


For many people, PayPal is the go to option when it comes to making payments or transferring money online.

Whilst PayPal helped to revolutionise online payments, the truth is that its rates can be pretty lousy and its fees can be expensive.

So what alternatives to PayPal are out there currently?

You might be surprised to know that there are lots of different options when it comes to sending money online.

In no particular order, you can find some of the best alternatives to PayPal listed below.



Based in the UK, Skrill boasts more than 10 million customers and is available in over 40 currencies in 200 countries around the world.

Skrill offers real time bank transfers and charges just 1 per cent when sending money (up to EUR 10). It is also accepted by more than 150,000 businesses around the world and can be used when buying stuff on eBay or when you need to top up your Skype account.

The other great thing about Skrill is that sending money to friends and family is really easy as it works with anyone who has an email address. It is also really easy to setup an account.

Get Skrill now on Android, iOS and web.


Line Pay

LINE Pay lets you make payments and send money through the popular chat and instant messaging app. LINE Pay was launched on December 4th 2014 and is perhaps a good option if you use LINE. The benefits of LINE Pay is that it is integrated into the most recent versions of the LINE app.

The downside is that if you’re in Thailand you need a credit card to use the service.

However, in Japan, users can link LINE Pay to their bank account and even top up their account at a number of different convenience stores. No official word yet, but we’d expect these options to also be available in Thailand in the not too distant future.

Get LINE Pay on Android, web



Use Payza and you’ll be able to able to make online payments and send money in more than 190 countries around the world using 21 different currencies. An account with Payza is free of charge as is sending money, although it does charge a 2.5 per cent exchange rate.

Payza can easily be linked to your bank account or credit card and during times when you might need extra assistance, it offers good technical support via its live chat feature.

Visit the Payza website for more info.



Xerox, FedEx, Velcro, Skype, Google – when a brand name becomes a verb it’s normally a pretty good sign for the company concerned. In the United States, people are starting to ‘Venmo’ each other, Venmo dinner and Venmo their cell phone bill.

Venmo, which is owned by PayPal, is another great way of sending money to friends and family online. The downside is that it’s only available Stateside, where it can easily be linked to any U.S. bank account and and boasts “bank-grade” online security features.

Get Venmo on Android, iOS and web.



If you’re based in the UK count yourself lucky as Paym is arguably the easiest way to send money from a UK bank account. Paym works by letting you send money to friends and family using only their mobile number. Paym works with sixteen different banks and building societies in the UK including Barclays, Bank of Scotland, Halifax, HSBC and Natwest.

Visit the Paym site for more information.



The benefit of Payoneer is that it can be used worldwide and provides you with a prepaid Mastercard which can be used anywhere that accepts major credit cards and can also be used to withdraw cash from any ATM. The account is quick and easy to setup and is also popular amongst digital nomads and freelance workers around the globe given that it is supported by the popular freelance work platform, oDesk. However, be warned about Payoneer’s hefty fees!

Payoneer is available on Android, iOS and web.

Xoom Money Transfer

Xoom Money Transfer

Xoom allows you to send and receive money in more than 31 countries around the world and offers locked in rates of exchange, low transfer fees, 24/7 customer support and a money back guarantee in the unlikely event you encounter any problems with the service.

Available on Android, iOS and web.

Western Union

Western Union app

If you live overseas there’s a good chance you will have used the services of Western Union at one time or another. The good thing about Western Union is that enables you to send and receive money in over 200 countries and clearly tells you how much your transfer will pay. However, the service certainly isn’t free so keep an eye on those charges. The Western Union app also provides listings to all Wester Union branches.

Available on Android, iOS and web.



If you live in the US , Dwolla is one of the cheapest and quickest ways of sending money online. Transactions less than $10 are free and anything over will only cost you 25 cents. The downside to Dwolla is that it is only available in the United States and both parties need a Dwolla account in order to send and receive money.

Available on Android, iOS and web.

Other alternatives to PayPal

Send money with Gmail

Google has recently made it possible for users in the UK and US to send moeny via Gmail. The system uses Google Wallet but can also accept payment from cards. Sending money via Gmail is free but only available in the UK and US.

Snapcash from Snapchat

Snapchat recently unveiled a feature which enables users to send money to other users of the popular instant messaging app. Snapcash is available to users in the United States and is run in partnership with payment app Square Cash (which is also another good alternative to PayPal).



  1. just did a demo on skrill and the exchange rate was 34.xx to the baht. Significantly worse than kbank’s 33.7 exchange rate when making online payment.

  2. How about it you are only looking to receive money from others, and you live in Thailand?

  3. I make a lot of money transfers, as I am working abroad and sending money to my family every month.
    I like Western Union services. It is reliable and has a lot of money sending options. It is convenient in case you want to send money to someone who does not have a bank account – they have a lot of cash-out agents all around the world.
    In case I want to make a transfer to bank account, I use PaySera. I have an account from which I can make a free transfer to another PaySera account or transfer to a bank account. Transfer to bank takes usually up to 3 days.