8 tips every Google Maps user needs to know


Google Maps is the most downloaded app on both iOS and Android and comes with an array of fantastic features.

The problem is, many of us aren’t even aware of some its best features so here we give you a few shortcuts and tricks that may help you to get the most out of Google Maps.

1. Share your favourite places with friends

Google Maps now allows you to share and save lists of your favourite places with your friends.

The new feature, which is available on both Android and iOS, is meant to help you if are at a loss of where to go to grab something to eat or for a place to visit.

2. Measure a distance

Select two points, then right click and select ‘Measure Distance’ and hey presto, it will calculate the distance!

3. Traffic Reports

Check traffic data and Maps will show traffic conditions with roads being shown in different colours to reflect the congestion.

You can switch between ‘Live Traffic’ and ‘Typical Traffic’ via the toolbar.

4. Voice controls

Last year Google added voice controls to Google Maps, meaning that users can keep their hands on the wheel and concentrate on driving when looking for a destination.

The update also adds other voice commands which as well as helping with navigation can also help to start a phone call or select your favourite music.

5. Request a Ride

In certain regions, from the lower left hand corner in Google Maps you can ‘Request a Ride’. You will then be provided options from Uber.

6. Switch Between Different Devices

By clicking on the ‘Send to Device’ option you can send an address from your desktop to your smartphone or tablet. The only thing that is needed is that both devices are signed into the same Google account.

7. Find Your Parked Car

Select ‘Save Your Parking’ by tapping on the blue dots to mark exactly where you have left your vehicle.

You can also set a reminder for when your parking is running out and you need to pay again at the meter.

8. Get Free Google Maps Abroad

All you have to do is select an area of Google Maps when you have internet access, obviously before you travel, and save it. This will save you wasting money on roaming charges.


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