8GB RAM smartphones may be coming soon


We had only just been getting used to the idea of 6GB RAM smartphones being on the market and these are certainly far from mainstream, although they’re becoming increasingly common, but it now appears that 8GB RAM smartphones will soon be available in the shops.

The latest rumour that is flying around is that Chinese manufacturer LeEco will unveil a new device in August which will feature 8GB of RAM, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor along with a host of other top of the range features.

The company, previously known as LeTV was the first company to showcase the Snapdragon 820 processor along with being one of the first companies to jump on the 6GB of RAM bandwagon.

Although many technical experts argue that no smartphone that is currently available requires this amount of RAM, the extra memory does assist multitasking allowing users to open a large number of apps at any one time and flick between them.

The benefit of this is that you don’t need to close any apps running in the background and they shouldn’t take much time to reload.

What is very apparent is the fact that all manufacturers are trying to find features and hardware that will ensure that their device will stand out from the crowd with there being a great selection of affordable models with decent specs available at the present time.

Most phones these days have many of the common features such as fancy camera features, high resolution screens or longer lasting batteries so something is certainly needed to break the mould.


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