Next generation of Ultra HD (8K TV) will be available from 2018


Consumers are only just getting used to the concept of 4K or Ultra HD television, with super hi-res picture quality compared with regular HDTV. However, the next generation of ultra-HD television which uses the highest resolution available is expected to be available for consumers starting in 2018, with South Korean and Asia makers forecast to lead the charge into mass-production.

8K TV blows 4K away

It is said that a new cycle for an upgrade in display panel technology comes around approximately every six years. And Global television manufacturers are said to be planning adoption of so-called 8K TV as the new standard from 2018, according to a report by DisplaySearch, published on its blog.

8K refers to the horizontal resolution of the display format, which is about 8,000 pixels. It is considered the successor to the 4K resolution of 3,840 pixels wide, which is currently limited to satellite or Internet TVs.

8K TV Resolution

And 8K TV has 16 times as many pixels as the current mainstream HD standard that has a mere 1,080 pixels, and that enables transmission of details at a level equivalent to an IMAX screen.

The standard high-definition panel had been the mainstream display type between 2000 and 2006, followed by the full HD from 2006 until 2012. Now that 4K or ultra HD has been released, that’s expected to reign the global market up until 2018 period, the report said.

The company says there’s a high chance that South Korean TV makers will commence mass production of the 8K TV panels from 2016, as they don’t want to lose out to their Taiwanese and Chinese rivals, as they ended up lagging behind during the early stage of the 4K adoption in 2012.

The process of developing such high-resolution display technology for mass consumers will incur high costs for TV manufacturers, and how they overcome that cost burden will be important for a smooth transition to the 8K TV standard.

SOURCE: DisplaySearch.


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