8tracks Signs New Licensing Deals to Offer Better Playlist Creation


8tracks music streaming service has just signed new licensing deals with independent record labels to improve playlist creation. 8tracks allows users to create playlists and share them with other members, so they can find the right music to match their mood, favorite genre, or event.

Currently, you have two options when creating a playlist on 8tracks: upload files from your computer, or add songs from SoundCloud. But according to 8tracks, there are two problems with this method. For starters, people just don’t have MP3 files on their computers anymore thanks to subscription music services like Spotify and Rdio. Second, SoundCloud’s API is limited and they can start charging for it. And it’s not uncommon for SoundCloud to remove copyrighted content if it’s not uploaded by the holder of the content.

To overcome these issues, 8tracks signed deals with DashGo, INgrooves, Dim Mak and CD Baby. Now, 8tracks music library is up to 6.5 million songs. The company says that this is just the start and has plans to sign deals with major record labels in the future.

Now, users can simply search through 8tracks’s library to find a song. If it’s not there, they can still upload it from their computer or find it on SoundCloud.


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