90% of internet users in Thailand use their smartphone to get online, according to new report


We know people in Thailand love using their smartphone but new data has revealed just how active Thailand’s smartphone users really are.

According to new data obtained by eMarketer, more than 90% percent of internet users in Thailand use their smartphone to go online.

The data, obtained from the National Statistical Office of Thailand, reveals that the smartphone far exceeds any other device used to access the internet.

Image: eMartketer

Image: eMartketer

The desktop and laptop are the second and third most popular devices used to get online with 50.1% and 24.9%, respectively, beating the tablet into fourth spot with 15.2%.

However, while overall most users use their smartphone to access the internet, it is not equally prevalent throughout all regions in Thailand, eMarketer reported, with urban areas boasting higher usage rates.

For example, in Bangkok where more than 70% of people use a smartphone to get online, that figure is just over 39% for people who live in Isaan, the less developed Northeastern region of Thailand, that is despite mobile phone usage in the region being higher at 76.1%.

Image: eMarketer

Image: eMarketer

According to eMarketer, 43.8% of Thais will be smartphone users by the end of 2017, with over half the population using smartphones by 2020.

Last month, Facebook Thailand revealed that Thai people spend an average of 105 minutes a day watching video from their smartphones, which is longer than in any other nation and much higher than the global average of 65 minutes.

The search engine giant also announced that 44 million people are now members of Facebook in Thailand.

The latest news comes after the government on Monday revealed that 24,700 villages in Thailand will have access to high speed internet by the end of 2017.

The move is part of the government’s “Thailand 4.0” policy, aimed at improving the digital infrastructure throughout the country in order to boost the economy and drag Thailand out of its middle income trap and into a high income country.

Source: eMarketer


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