A future iPhone may have a special feature for left handed users


There have been recent reports circulating that Apple could add a new feature to the iPhone that would be a major benefit for left handed users.

The Cupertino based company has a patent that describes a handset that can automatically determine which hand the device is being held in and change the interface around accordingly.

This could also mean that users of larger handset who have small hands also benefit.

On top of simply moving the apps around, on screen sliders could also be changed to suit left-handers.

Although the move is planned for new devices it seems possible that older models could also introduce the new feature via iOS updates.

Apple patent for left handed users

Technology to do this has been in place for sometime but Apple is looking at improving the hardware to increase the accuracy and functionality of the new feature.

A lot of Apple’s software already includes handy features that for example drop down icons appearing at the top of the screen using a double tap of the home button.

The whole idea is quite exciting and a feature to move icons around the entire screen to suit the user’s grip could prove more useful, especially if you find the iPhone 6S Plus a little hard to use because of its size.

The iPhone 7 is expected to be released in September.


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