A sign of things to come? New Windows 10 update forces customers to use Bing instead of Google


The new operating system, Windows 10S that was unveiled last week is thought to be a more secure version of Windows 10 but users will be disappointed that it won’t feature two of Google’s key products.

Windows 10S only runs apps that are available in the Windows Store and that doesn’t have the greatest selection at the present time.

Google Chrome is missing but Netflix, Facebook and Instagram are all included and there is a chance that the world’s most popular browser may be available before the official release although nothing has been confirmed by either party.

“Since Windows 10 S has just been recently announced, we are working with our partners on app compatibility and to provide more detailed information,” wrote Microsoft on its Windows 10 S FAQ page. 

“Please check with your app publisher or back on this page in June for the latest information.”

Microsoft’s own Edge browser will unsurprisingly be the default browser although other browsers can be downloaded so long as they are available in the Windows Store.

“You are able to download another browser that might be available from the Windows Store, but Microsoft Edge will remain the default if, for example, you open an .htm file,” explains another entry on the FAQ page.

What is perhaps more surprising is the fact that users won’t be able to change the default search engine from Bing, again pushing Google out.

This is a move that could prove to be very unpopular as Google is seen as the far superior product.

Windows 10S is Microsoft’s answer to Google’s Chrome OS which is cheaper than Windows 10 and aimed primarily at students and teachers.

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