Acer is about release three funky new wearables


Three new Acer wearables that the company announced last month may be available imminently.

The Liquid Leap Fit, Liquid Leap Active and Liquid Leap Curve are now confirmed to launch soon, but the firm is still hush-hush on the prices and specs. We should hear more about these cool new devices when Computex 2015 takes place next week.

The three new devices are primarily designed for fitness, activity tracking and will also feature removable bands.

Acer releases new Leap wearables

The Liquid Leap Fit will reportedly feature a 1-inch waterproof display, a heart rate monitor, sleep pattern monitor, and a stress sensor to keep track of your mood.

The Liquid Leap Active will be a more basic version of the Fit, without the heart rate monitor, but will also track more basic stats like calories burned throughout the day. The Active model will also be waterproof.

Acer Leap

Lastly, the Liquid Leap Curve is more of a fashion statement, and will have lots of different exchangeable bands. The inside gubbins will be similar to the Fit including a heart rate and stress monitor.

Acer’s first wearable model, the Liquid Leap, was a pretty good fitness tracker, but it really left a lot to be desired in most other areas.

Let’s hope the funky new ones are a big improvement…

SOURCE: TechRadar.


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