Adobe patches critical security flaw in Flash


Following on from a recent bout of negative publicity, in which Facebook said it wants Flash to die, critical security flaw were discovered by a security / hacking company, and Mozilla blocked all versions of Flash in its Firefox browser, Adobe has at last issued an update to the popular web plugin for Windows, Mac and Linux…

Adobe fixes Flash security flaws

The fixes announced today apparently fix critical vulnerabilities that made users’ computers susceptible to hackers. The flaws were initially discovered in a leak of data from security firm Hacking Team’s documents and product source code, when they themselves were hacked.

That news led to Mozilla blocking all versions of Flash in Firefox. Now, to protect their computers, users are advised to update the Flash Player to version However, there is an alternative – you could just uninstall Flash completely and continue on as if nothing happened.

What about YouTube and other popular sites, you might ask? Well, today most sites can also use something called HTML5 for video playback, and it’s likely that in most cases you won’t in fact miss Flash. After all, it’s one of the main ways for hackers to compromise your web browser…

SOURCE: Adobe.


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  1. Hi Larry, the alternative of un-installing flash will however not allow you to approach any flash content

    that is not yet ready to use HTML5; e..g my virtual sailing game and my streaming music site do need flash to work.

    It would have been better to mention this in your article.