Adobe Launches Slate, a Visual Storytelling App


Adobe is launching a new visual storytelling app that lets users create their own stories on the iPad. Aptly named Slate, the app allows users to combine text and images to create photo albums, reports, newsletters, travel stories and more.

Slate’s product management director says the app is geared towards students, teachers, small businesses, nonprofits, corporate employees and any other user who needs to create visual presentations.

Once the story is finished, Slate users can publish them on Adobe’s servers and share a link to the presentation. You’ll also have the option of embedding the presentation on your own website.

Text editing is simple. Adobe offers you two types of headlines, blockquotes, and lists. Adobe’s animation engine is built-in, so you can apply transitions and other visual elements. Images can be added to the presentation through Dropbox, iPad and Adobe’s Cloud Libraries. Adobe doesn’t offer any advanced image editing capabilities, but it does offer a responsive design, so your stories look great on any platform.

While Slate isn’t as innovative as other Adobe apps (or other text authoring apps for that matter), it does allow users to create text and image presentations with ease. And with a simple click of a button, you can share your presentation with others.


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