After adding an offline mode, Netflix introduces another really useful new feature


Netflix has announced it has added video previews to some of its most popular titles.

Netflix has said that rather than simply being trailers, the previews are carefully selected highlights that will help users decide whether or not they want to watch a particular TV show.

In its announcement, Netflix also said that it will add a further 1,000 hours of original content by the end of 2017.

The popular streaming service is hoping to build on the success of shows such as House of Cards, Narcos, Stranger Things and Orange is the New Black by adding even more of its own programmes next year.

“Today we are launching a new television user interface that uses video more extensively to bring content alive in real time and helps members decide whether to click play,” Netflix announced.

“As we launch more than 1,000 hours of original content next year, we know we have less than 90 seconds to capture someone’s attention and get them excited about a title — that’s why we’re introducing video previews into the TV browsing experience.”

Introducing video previews comes just a week after Netflix added a new offline mode, which allows users to download their favourite content to their smartphone or tablet so they can watch it later without an internet connection.

While it has been revealed that not all shows and movies are available to watch offline, the move has generally been widely praised by Netflix subscribers.

To use the new offline mode look out for the download icon when you tap a particular TV show.


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