AIS Announces New Lava Pro 5.0 Smartphone

Girl taking Selfie in Park

Girl taking Selfie in Park

AIS is offering one of the best deals on the market for a smartphone. The service provider announced that they would be releasing a phone for 4,790 baht that comes with 4,000 baht worth of talk time.




Dubbed the Lava Pro 5.0, the phone features a 5-inch display and a quad-core processor. The operating system used is a variation of the Android 4.4 operating system.

First responses to the phone are up for debate. The phone is the latest addition to the AIS brand of phones. The exterior comes with a premium gloss and a steel-colored border around the edges. First-time users noted that the phone is heavy and the screen is made of plastic. Many manufacturers, including Samsung, have chosen plastic displays to increase durability and lower prices.

The phone’s app usage is smooth. The Lava is able to handle social media apps with ease. Graphic-intensive games are an issue even with the quad-core processor. Games such as Godfire bring the phone to a halt and often cause an “incompatible” message to be displayed on the screen.

Lava Pro 5.0 smartphone

AIS offers the phone to the lower-end market in hopes of bolstering sales and to get more customers to use the company’s service. The Lava is 4G capable and has an 8MP rear camera and a 5MP front camera for taking pictures. Internal storage is advertised as 8GB.

The company notes that the 5.0 is an affordable smartphone that’s capable of handling most apps and all of the user’s mobile needs. Aside from graphic-intensive apps, the Lava will run adequately.

AIS’s newest phone should entice users to switch to the mobile provider’s service. The addition of 4,000 baht of talk time is an added bonus. The company’s last announcement of total users was 35 million. AIS is attempting to appeal to the lower-end market with the Lava Pro 5.0 offer.