AIS inks deal with Qualcomm – it will mean much faster mobile internet for consumers in Thailand


Qualcomm Engineering Service Group have announced a business collaboration with Thai provider AIS that will mean mobile speeds for internet users could be two and a half times faster.

Tests have been in progress since the tail end of last year which involve the delivery of “LTE Advanced” technology.

Download and upload speeds are expected to rise by 30% and 50% in the short term.

While the move from 4G to 4.5G will result in speeds of two and a half times what is available at present.

AIS said that it has 41 million mobile subscribers, 14 million of which subscribe to its 4G service.

The company said it plans to invest a further 45 billion baht help to expand its mobile network and increase capacity throughout Thailand.

AIS added that it expects mobile data use from its customers to double following new agreements to stream Netflix and HBO programmes.

The news comes after a study from a UK based analytics firm found that Thailand has an average mobile internet speed of 6.09Mbps.


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