AIS launches Thailand’s first prepaid broadband service, 3BB slashes prices in response


Advanced Info Service (AIS) has announced the launch of Thailand’s first prepaid fixed broadband service.

The service offers 15Mbps for a monthly fee of 500 baht.

According to the Bangkok Post, which quotes senior AIS executives, the company aims to become the country’s second largest broadband provider by 2019.

AIS executives say the company will invest $7 billion baht in 2016 to help roll out its broadband network to 24 provinces by the end of the year.

Another 10 billion baht will then be used to expand its fibre optic network to 40 provinces by the end of 2017.

In response to AIS’s new prepaid service, the Bangkok Post reports that rival Jasmine International Plc, which owns Triple T Broadband has slashed prices of of 3BB’s 50Mbps service from 2,500 Baht to just 700 Baht per month.

The paper also reports that True remains Thailand’s leading broadband provider with 2.5 million subscribers, followed by Triple T with 2 million subscribers and TOT Plc with over a million.

Out of the 6.5 million broadband subscribers in Thailand, 5 million still use ADSL, with 1.5 million using fibre optic.

If True and TOT Plc also decide to slash prices in a bid to counter moves from AIS and 3BB, then further reductions on the price broadband services would be good for consumers.




  1. Troels Lund on

    I use TOT ADSL and have an underground (U/G) feed through my property – when TOT asked if I would like to upgrade to fibre they agreed and subsequently refused to give me U/G feed, despite me showing them that fibre cable to a junction box connecting to the exisitng ADSL cable is used in the US

  2. I’m missing something here.
    1) What does a connection in the US have to do with how TOT will connect your fiber here?
    2) Fiber cable to a junction box connecting to the existing ADSL cable—you’re talking apples and oranges…Fiber to ADSL? ADSL uses wire coaxial cable. Fiber is glass fibers wrapped with an insulator and thick rubber as an outer coating.
    Please tell what it is that I don’t understand. Sincerely